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If you are considering totally Internet based software. read on...

We have thoroughly examined the advantages and disadvantages of offering a totally internet based product and asked our existing customers how they felt about a conversion to totally internet based software.


As a result, we have determined the only correct software solution is to use the best of the internet without the software having to rely on the internet.

Here are the reasons why...


Internet Based Software

The Problem is

Non Internet Based Solution

You can access your data from any web browser on the planet.

If you can access your data over the internet from any web browser so could someone else. Hackers love this! Your data could be stolen, distributed and sold completely without your knowledge. Or if not hackers what about disgruntled employees?

Ultra secure Virtual private networks and other no cost or low cost solutions allow you, or remote offices, to connect directly and safely to your office over the internet under your complete control.

About 45% of our customers connect directly and securely from remote locations to their offices. 

Data access over the internet is secure. "You do online banking and purchase items with credit cards over the internet don't you?"

With online Banking and credit card transactions your money is guaranteed by the bank in the event of fraud. Nobody is going to guarantee your customer database and history once it is floating around the internet.

Banks and credit card companies wouldn't need a fraud department if there were no problems with online hacking and fraud.

With our software your data information and history stays safely and securely on your computer and under your complete control.

 No upfront costs you pay as you go

 There is no arguing with that!

We use the same pay as you go concept!

Software is updated without any involvement from you. 

This is not a feature! Do you want your software changing the way it works without regard to you or your employees and without notice? 

We carefully and thoroughly test our changes in our test lab and then field test them with 2 or 3 carefully selected customers for at least 1 month before rolling out changes to the rest of our customers.

But here is what you may not have considered:


Internet Based Solution

Non Internet Based Solution

What do you do if your internet connection goes down.

Out of Luck

Keep on Working

The internet is inherently slow

runs at 10mbs MAX

Not a problem if you don't mind SLOW

wired networks now run at 1000mbs

(100 times faster)

What happens if their server crashes or their software goes down. 

At the mercy of others

You control your destiny

What happens if they go out of business?

You have nothing

No software and no data.

Your data and software is under your control.

What happens if a hacker breaks into the web site

Being on a publicly accessable web site your data and history could be gone wihtout you even knowing it.

Your data is under your control since it is not on a publicly accessable web site.


If you have seriously considered all of the above we believe the only conclusion you can come to is that only with NON internet software can your DATA remain where it belongs.



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