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 No Upfront Cost, No commitment Minimize

Thats right you pay as you go!

and make no commitment.

We are so confident about our product that we dont have to try to lock you in with a large upfront payment. 

To be clear, this software is better than software that normally costs you THOUSANDS of dollars!

With pay as you go:

  • You know we will be there when you need us. (we are there long term)
  • Everything is included in one low monthly fee. (no hidden charges)
  • With our local version the fee doesn't go up as you add more users. (no cost as you grow!)
  • Keep your cash flow. (We want to grow with you...)

Our simple pricing structure is as follows:

Our software on your computer...

$75.00 one time setup

(internet enabled setup $250.00)


$75.00 per month billed to your credit card.*


Unlimited number of users! 

All Tech Support!

All Upgrades

Customized Confirms and Invoices


(1 to 100 no charge as you grow *)

(no high priced fees when you need help)

(Keeping you up date with the latest inovations and technology)

(even your logo if you have one)



If you have a feature that is not in our software (if you can find one), we will add it under your monthly fee (assuming we feel it will benefit all of our customers)!

 Going with us couldn't be safer or wiser


Now for you old school people who feel they would rather pay an upfront fee with a lowered monthly fee we offer:

$2000.00 Setup fee


$50 per month. Which also includes all upgrades and support.



* Additional monthly fees apply to internet enabled users.



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