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We list ONLY A FEW of our features here...

WHY? Because our competition has got it wrong and we don't want to teach them how to do it right.

Our video will change the way you see software working for you!

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  Some features

Protect the Broker by instantly spotting problem loads 

  • Continually shows the status of all loads so you can instantly spot the problem ones. 
  • Late for Pickup, Late for Drop, Lost contact with carrier, Needs carrier, Flagged loads etc...

Protect the Broker against carrier insurance problems.

  • Inadequate Cargo insurance, Expired Liability and Cargo
  • Automatically requests updated insurance on carrier confirm as required

Protect the Broker with customer credit limits

  • Credit limits, Credit Hold, COD
  • Automatically monitors credit limits for unpaid as well as moving loads
  • Advises when over credit limit. Stops from booking load when on credit hold


Protect the Broker with carefully designed carrier and customer confirms

  • Carrier and customer confirmatons
  • Carrier confirm requests insurance be faxed when expired or not on file
  • Choose what is printed on confirmation on case by case basis
  • User customizable text prints on bottom of confirm

Supports single users, multiple users, and multiple offices

  • Works great for single users
  • Add additional users on network (virtually unlimited) at no cost!
  • We currently have a customer with over 35 users - many of them connect remotly
  • Multiple offices feature allows users to be divided into "broker groups" 


Access to features on user by user basis

  • Each user can be customized to have access to only certain features and reports
  • Keep new employees from viewing sentitive customer information
  • Users can be set to view only their own customers and loads


Super load searching capabilities

  • Easily filter loads based on up to 40 different search criteria
  • View loads, create reports or create lists based on results


Increase business with comprehensive quoting

  • System tracks quotes by customer so you don't under or over quote
  • Based quotes on multiple criteria.


Increase business with sales reporting

  • Create sales report based on over 40 criteria
  • Create summary or detailed sales reports and include sales graphs


Integrated manual

  • Manual is built into software (never lose your manual again)
  • Detailed step by step instructions (view or print)


Complete integration with Quickbooks

  • Our software creates custom detailed invoices for your customers
  • Software then creates all invoice and payable entries within Quickbooks
  • Software automatically creates new customers in Quickbooks as required
  • Our software manages Credit limits so it can include loads in progress not only those invoiced.


Easily works with all other accounting packages

  • Our software creates custom detailed invoices for your customers
  • Software then creates a detailed list of all AR and AP entries required for you accounting program
  • Our software manages Credit limits so it can include loads in progress not only those invoiced.


Online posting

  • Post loads to multiple load boards on load by load basis with a single mouse click
  • Stop wasting time posting in multiple locations


Integrated mapping

  • Map shipping locations, loads and routes with our brand new map feature!
  • Non commercial directions included (currently in Beta)
  • Great for matching loads to truckers calling from a specific location.


Integrates with Microsoft MapPoint, PC-Miler server (optional add-ons)

  • Get commercial mileage with our integration to PC-Miler Server
  • Get mileage without having to go to another program



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