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Not all software is the same

If you are looking around for software you may find many to choose from. You will find many of them may appear to perform the same. But it is what's underneath these similarities that's important. Our software places its emphasis on doing everything possible to PROTECT THE BROKER, INCREASE SALES and EASILY SPOT AND CORRECT PROBLEM LOADS. Over the years we have refined how our software performs for your maximum PROTECTION


Oops I forgot to check that

Freight Brokers needs are very specific. For example, our software places special emphasis on monitoring carrier cargo and liability insurance as well as a carrier rating system and carefully designed carrier confirmations. These are just a couple of the many enhancement that makes or software the best solution for freight brokers


A Dog in Sheep's Clothing

We advise you to beware of software that promises to work for Trucking companies, Warehouses, Shippers as well as freight brokers. Typically, these have been modified to work for Freight Brokers as an afterthought and will not perform as you might expect. Over the years we have seen many software companies come and go that offer modified versions of their software initially targeted for other industries. Our software is designed from the ground up for Freight Brokerages (we do however have some carefully designed considerations if you own some or lease on some equipment).


Cost Recovery

Another breed of software you may find out there is software developed in house for a freight broker who now wants you to pay for his development costs. You can be sure the software fits the way THEY work but will only in very rare cases be a good fit for your needs.  

So the question really is do you want to purchase software from a company that is very heavily aligned with one of your competitors? By contrast, we are not and never have been affiliated with any freight brokerage and we have over the years added features to handle a wide variety of broker's needs including those in niche markets.


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